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Linux command line Basics Course

Figure out how to utilize the fundamental charges in Bash Shell. Performing distinctive errands utilizing different orders. Utilizing record related orders, catalogs, looking through the framework, and investigating your Internet association, and considerably more.

The Linux command line Basics course will cover the utilization of channels channel the yield and a portion of the changes used to include usefulness for the fundamental summons.

  • You should have a computer with Internet access and Linux installed.

Learn to use the basic commands in Bash Shell. Performing different tasks using various commands. Using file related commands, directories, searching the system, and troubleshooting your Internet connection, and much more.

The course will cover the use of pipes filter the output, and some of the switches used to add functionality for the basic commands.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to run commands in Linux Bash Shell.

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