Udemy – IoT (Internet of Things) Automation with ESP8266 [100% OFF]


udemy course - IoT (Internet of Things) Automation with ESP8266

Course Description

ESP8266 is among the most integrated Wi-Fi chips in the industry. Through this training you shall get started with the ESP8266 and learn about the ESP8266 WiFi chip, starting from the absolute basics.

The training will include the following;

  1. Introduction to IoT

  2. Concepts involved in IoT – Embedded Systems, Networking & Programming

  3. Role of NodeMCU in IoT

  4. Serial interfacing

  5. Digital Output taking on LED

  6. Analog Output taken on LED

  7. Digital Input taken from push button

  8. Analog Input taken from preset and LDR

  9. I2C Scanner

  10. Interfacing a 16×2 LCD

  11. DHT-11 temperature and humidity sensor interfacing

  12. Connecting to internet

  13. Getting MAC address

  14. DHT-11 Data upload on cloud(Thingspeak)

  15. Weather Station (IOT)

  16. RGB LED interfacing

  17. Switching Using Transistor

  18. IR Proximity and Color detection

  19. Seven Segment Display interfacing

  20. Servo Control and interfacing

  21. Peizo Buzzer interfacing and control

  22. DC motor switching and control through Relay

  23. Shift Register for serial input and parallel output

24. Implementing a web server on the NodeMCU

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